Property And The Popular Resort Of Los Cristianos


One of the most popular resorts on the island of Tenerife is Los Cristianos. It overlooks a spectacular harbour and some of the nicest beaches in all of the Canary Islands. Plenty of promenades make it easy to stroll along the beach to enjoy the beautiful views and pop into any of the bars and restaurants dotted around the area. With activities catering for people from all walks of life, it's no wonder Los Cristianos has become one of the most sought after destinations by tourists, especially those looking for a second home and a slice of paradise.

Beautiful Beaches

Los Cristianos is a fantastic resort because of its location on the southern tip of the island and its facilities.
Las Vistas beach that fronts it has soft, white sand, and the sea is always varying tones of turquoise and blue. The water here is very calm due to breakers deliberately designed to make it the perfect place for safe swimming and also boasts of shallow pools which are perfect for the kids and non-swimmers.
With constant patrols by lifeguards on the beach, you can be assured of the safety of both young and old who are spending their day on this popular beach.

History of Los Cristianos

The resort is noted for the flowers decorating its decks which are visible from the harbour. Before it was a popular resort, it was part of an old fishing village. Over the years, it has expanded to keep up with the tourism demands in the area. Fishing is still part of the culture and visitors are welcome to fish themselves or enjoy snorkelling to get glimpses of the marvellous sea life.

Quality Properties 

There are many high-quality complexes that cater for holiday lettings because they were built specifically for that reason which is why they are in high demand. The return on investment is very good and it's not unusual to see them fully booked almost year-round due to the island being a year-round destination.

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Los Cristianos is a perfect location, with excellent facilities, and with its growing popularity, you'll find it hard to beat..