The Three Golden Experts Needed When Purchasing Property In Spain


According to several property agents in Spain, there are three important experts every prospective home buyer should seek before purchasing a property abroad.
These include a currency specialist, a reputable property agent, and a solicitor. This trio are referred to as the Golden Three given the critical roles they play in the process.
Anyone hoping to have a positive buying experience abroad should engage the assistance of these professionals as early as possible so that the proper support and insights can be gained at the very start. If you have these professionals steering the entire process, it is possible to sidestep some of the most typical errors and risks that can arise in the context of buying an overseas property.

Reputable Property Agent

There are seemingly countless property agents working these days, and this is certainly true within Spain. Selecting one can prove extremely daunting, as it can be tough to determine which ones have the necessary expertise. It's always a good idea to do some research on the Internet to narrow down the candidates within the relevant region.
Personal referrals are great, as are references able to point to a solid track record of positive results. Agents who are familiar with the exact part of Spain that interests you are certain to make the task of finding great properties that suit your needs much easier. Aligning with a trustworthy individual local to your preferred area is a great way to maximize the time spent searching for properties and to get the best deal on the right home.

Specialists In Currency Exchange

Often lost in the mix of the thrilling anticipation of moving to another country is the task of arranging for funds to be transferred from your home bank.
The process can be costly and time-consuming, something you do not want while also working on your imminent move to Spain.
When the time comes to make a deposit on a property, there is nothing more frustrating than having to wait because of bank delays in changing money from sterling or other currencies into euros.

Fortunately, a method exists to ensure that none of the above events occur. This involves utilizing the services of a currency specialist such as TransferWise or Moneycorp who both provide competitive and efficient foreign echange services for property purchases. Establishing a relationship in advance with a currency specialist prior to visiting Spain for house hunting purposes is a great way to ensure immediate access to insights and expertise so crucial to the buying process. The end result is a customized experience that really does make the buying process a seamless one.

Solicitor Who Works In Your Interest

After a great property is identified in Spain and the buying process has begun, there is nothing worse than the emergence of complications, communication problems or other types of delays. Having the help of an impartial, disinterested, English-speaking legal professional who understands the nuances of the locality can make all the difference in facilitating a property transfer. Again, personal referrals or local online listings can be tremendously helpful in identifying the right candidates for this type of role.

The prospect of buying a property in Spain can be daunting, even for the most adventurous among us. However, by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience the "Golden Three" bring to the table, things can go more smoothly than you may have imagined possible.