5 Questions to Ask When Buying Tenerife Property


Many people find it hard deciding where the best location is for their dream Tenerife home.
If it’s going to be a permanent move then choosing the right location is vital.
It’s very easy to get this wrong. Maybe the area is too noisy, too far from the beach, or even far too close to the beach and commercial activity.
Tenerife resorts are designed to appeal to both holidaymakers and residents of the island so you’ll need to consider everything wisely.
Below is a quick overview of some of the questions you need to be asking yourself before you see any Tenerife estate agent to help you with your property purchase.

1. Is The Property Close To The ‘Strip’?

In most of the large popular Spanish resorts, you’ll find something called the ‘Strip’.
It’s an area which is normally pedestrianized lined with several bars, cafes, and restaurants to entertain both locals and holidaymakers.

Other commercial activity like shops also form part of the mix and can usually be found very close to the beach or promenade.
It’s very popular among holidaymakers, especially the younger ones who spend their time there until the early hours of the morning because as in Spain, people start going out for entertainment late at night while in many other countries, they are usually getting ready for bed so don’t be fooled by the lack of footfall in the early evening hours.

Most people considering a property purchase will obviously want to be a good distance away from the ‘Strip’ to avoid the noise. A good 5 to 10 minutes drive away from the area is a safe bet but it might be worth your while to visit the area you plan to buy and try to gauge the noise levels before making a decision.

2. Drive Or Walk To The Beach?

As a general rule, the further away from the centre of the main resorts you are and the more inland you go, the quieter your surroundings and the cheaper the property will be.

A big part of choosing the right area for your home is to know how far you want to be from the centre of the resort in your vicinity and what the distance is from places like the beach and popular spots.

Many of the long term residents with homes know that being close to the beach is not so important and tend to leave those areas for the tourists and holidaymakers.
Being a short drive or bus trip away is good enough for many of them and if it means getting a more competitive price on the property then it’s definitely worth it.

Most things are within walking distance to you locally but make sure you check the terrain in the area that interests you if in case it is too hilly and if it is really suitable for your level of health.
A great tip is to ask local residents about the area or even ask the estate agent for some background information about the area you’re interested in.

3. How’s The Local Public Transport System?

You’ll find affordable and reliable bus services in most of the areas of Tenerife. For your day to day activities, you can survive without owning your own car. In peak times, when traffic grows exponentially and parking becomes a costly nightmare at central locations, this can turn out to be a godsend.
Alternatively, you could use a bike. Most of the resorts have room for bikes and it’s a convenient way of getting around from one location to another when the area is busy.

4. How Close Do You Want To Be To Amenities And Shopping?

It’s highly likely that your chosen neighbourhood will have a small shopping centre, regardless of where you decide to settle down. You’ll find restaurants, bars and or caf├ęs, including small supermarkets located within the small parade of shops making up the centre in your area.

Check the local bus routes and also consider walking times to these amenities. Find out where the closest physician and health facility are located since proximity to healthcare is essential.

5. Is The Island Seasonal?

The island of Tenerife is a year-round destination so come Summer or Winter, there will always be people visiting the island either for their holiday, or to escape the harsh cold climate of their home country.

There are vibrant communities in each location of all nationalities with some having local Canarios more than others depending on the locality.
If you’re looking to live in an area with more expats from your home country then there is that option too and you just have to do the research or even visit the area to see for yourself.

The more remote the area, the more the chance of it being more Canarian and local as opposed to the ones closer or inside the main resorts where there are more foreign nationals.

There are always things taking place on the island whether they are religious holidays, local fiestas, outdoor markets, or even a foreign celebration for a small foreign national community living on the island.
Communities that have a higher proportion of resident expats usually have clubs and social events that you can join in and make new friends and they happen throughout the year.

To close

If you’re looking for some more tips to help you with the decision making process, there are some very good property blogs online that provide more in-depth knowledge of important property topics. Tenerife is a fantastic choice and always feels like a home away from home.

You can also find many more answers to property questions by asking an established estate agents in Tenerife like Delmar, who have a good track record and have built a lot of trust and authority over the years..