Tips To Sell Your Property Fast


When a person decides to place his or her property on the market; their wish is to sell it fast and at the best value possible. Below are a few techniques that will help you achieve this:


1. Property Value

The value of the property should align with the market. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that the price you place on a property should reflect the market. As such, property valuation is paramount. If you rate the property at a high price, chances are that you will get near to zero viewing (if it is not zero already). On the other hand, if you price the property at a much lower amount, it will sell fast but not get the best amount.


2. Images/Pictures And Videos

The fact is that the market (or the way we conduct business) has changed greatly due to emerging trends and advancements in technology (the biggest being the Internet). The web is a platform that has made it possible to achieve the ‘global village effect’ and so it has made it much easier to sell. However, for you to attract potential clients, you must show how the property looks like. This is where images and videos come into play.

Today there are thousands of property listings online and many are not selling due to the fact that they have not included enough or sufficient images about the property; or maybe the images are not appealing. You must ensure that the agency you use to sell your property has taken professional pictures to promote the property.


3. Presentation

To make a quick sale, presentation is something that must be taken seriously. This simply means that during visits and photoshoots, it must be clean, organized and well maintained. Lighting does also help create a certain attraction.


4. Viewing Availability

This is another factor that really affects property sale. People do not buy properties they have not seen. It’s important to make it available and in cases where you are busy, inform your agent about your availability to avoid losing potential visits. For example, in Tenerife, a majority of buyers are foreigners on holiday for only a short time. For this reason, you should be available and also give your agency a key. Another option is to consider renting the property before it gets sold. However, the only limitation to this method is that some tenants won’t always be available to provide easy access for views or have it prepared.


5. Consider Getting Reviews

A majority of agents will inform the owner after each visit and how it went and what the potential buyer thought. Do not hesitate to ask potential buyers what they think about the property and what they loved and the things they didn’t like. This will give you and your agency ideas on where you could work on to sell the property.


6. Listen And Be Open To Offers

Remember, the first offer is usually the best. Also, you should know that a buyer will always try to negotiate a little bit. Just like the way you did when you bought the property a while back. If the property stays on the market for too long, clients will have a perception that you are desperate to sell and soon low offers will start coming in. For this reason, it’s wise to stay open to offers at the beginning, but that does not mean you have to accept them.


7. Promotion

You may have the best property in the world in the best location and offering it at the best price; but if people do not know about it, it will be impossible to sell it. You need a way to inform potential buyers that you’re selling and how they can view it. This can be achieved through promotions.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to give your property to all agencies because:

• You’ll have a difficult time to remember who is who, which makes it impossible to control the process
• The property will be marketed at different prices
• No agency will be willing to put their time, effort, and money knowing that their competitors can sell it

Therefore, the best way is to make arrangements with at most two trusted agencies who will work hard to sell the property. The whole thing is usually assigned to a work employee. This method will make promoting your property fairly easy and achievable.

Well, all the above ideas are important to help you sell your property quickly and at the best market rate. By applying these ideas, there is no reason why it won’t get sold fast, after all, you only need one buyer.

Or, you can try to find a local estate agent who has the right template to sell Tenerife properties fast for clients.

Using this list of the best Tenerife estate agents will help you make the right choice on your property needs.