Best Spots to Buy Property in Spain


Spain retains its number one spot in the Top 10 Best Places of 2018 to buy property. We see its dominance taking over even more just in the past year. Security fears have grown in other European locations and there are British buyers looking to move out before Brexit. Both issues make Spain the winner for best place to be.

Tourism is flourishing, flights are growing, and the property market is expanding. Prices have remained below market peaks in most areas except for places like the popular and sought-after Madrid, Barcelona, and Balearics.

Lifestyle buyers and investors alike are targeting places like Barcelona. It is one of Europe’s most exciting markets as one might suspect, but another spot is Costa Blanca.
This is a yearly destination favourite with plenty of property at affordable prices.

There are plenty of new construction buildings for investors and other buyers.
Spain’s hottest destinations include Torrevieja, Villamartin, and Cuidad Quesada. While they remain in high demand, prices keep them from being out of reach.  

The Canary Islands are also benefiting from the drop in interest in sunny places like Morocco and Egypt. Lanzarote became the fastest rising location on our radar last year while Tenerife property maintains its dominance in the Canaries for good property investment..

As Spain becomes even more popular as a tourist destination, more and more people are beoming residents to fill the gap of providing services to the massive tourist industry so on both sides of the coin, Spain is beneficial and can reward you very handsomly if you postition yourself well.